573 Solar Mud Festival

Let’s Keep it Clean -Mud Rules

Welcome to the first annual “Let’s Keep it Clean” 573 Mud Festival! The goal of the 573 Mud Festival is to encourage support of recycling and keeping the area clean and free from litter. The 573 Mud Festival is a fun-filled muddy obstacle courses filled with slippery, gooey mud. At last, you can have some good clean dirty fun. Age groups for the mud obstacle courses are: 1-6 and 7 to 99. For kids 6 and younger, we have a mini mud course, and for the tiny tots, puddle pools. Children are grouped in ages for a race through the course. In addition to the mud courses, there will be additional fun theme areas for kids to explore, including mud pits and a contest for the muddiest child.

Everyone wins!  We will be awarding ribbons to everyone who participates in the mud obstacle race. Additional prizes will be given for other mud contests.

We’ll have games and activities to support recycling. We’ll promote awareness of the simple things children and adults can do to keep our area clean. 

• We’ll have three mud pits just to play in – one for the 6 and younger group, one for 7
to 12-year-olds, and one for ages 13 and above.

• Two water slides will be available – exciting, fast-action muddy water slides.

• Mud art contest – we will have professional artists painting with mud on canvas. 

• Mud pie contest – prizes for the dirtiest mud pie. 

• Mud fashion show – kids will strut their muddy selves on the mud walk. 

• Mud volleyball for those 16 and older.

Cleaning station -Yes, the Perryville Fire Department will be on hand to hose kids clean and keep the pits muddy.  Participants may need a towel and a change of clothes.  

Participating Suggested Donation: $3 per child. This money goes toward 573 Mud Fest 2018.

To prevent heat exhaustion, water and shaded areas will be provided. Remind your child to stay hydrated and bring your own shade, if you like, as long as it’s no more than 10 x 10.
Shirts and lace up, closed-toed shoes are required for this event. We suggest tight, lace-up tennis shoes.  Crocs, slip on shoes, aqua socks and sandals are NOT allowed.  Do not wear goggles – they don’t work.  We will have water sprayers available to wash off dirty faces.  Do not wear watches, good clothing or any item that can be damaged by water. Do not wear glasses or contacts at the festival.

Sun screen is mandatory.  No one will be allowed to participate without adequate sun protection. 

We are happy to try to accommodate children with special needs. 

Registration: Begins at 11 am the morning of the event. Every participant must be present to register and a signed permission slip is required. 

Location: Perryville City Park

Each person participating in the Mud Festival must have a liability waiver – children under 18 signed by their parent or guardian. NO EXCEPTIONS! 

Parents and participants should be aware that while all possible safety precautions are taken, no activity is 100% risk free. Parents or guardians must be present while their child is at the 573 Mud Festival. A first aid station, staffed by professional paramedics, will be located on site to handle any injury or emergency situation.

Weather: The Mud Festival will be held regardless of the weather. In the event of lightning, the festival will be closed until the threat has passed.

Mud Bosses will be on hand to assist and answer questions.

Any infringement of the 573 Mud Festival rules or any unsafe behavior will result in immediate removal for the the event. We reserve the right to remove anyone for any reason. Play nice.

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