The We Want To Make You Feel Fabulous Contest

Always having to overcome obstacles in our daily lives, we sometimes forget to take the time to really enjoy each other’s company. The creative staff of the 573 Magazine would like to help you out. We, along with some of our fabulous sponsors, are hosting the 573 Feeling Fabulous Makeover Contest. One lucky couple will win the day they have been longing for. We will pick you up, dust you off and give you a night you will never forget. This could be perfect for an anniversary, wedding party, birthday or any other special occasion—it’s your choice.The winning couple will start their lucky day with some individual pampering. Our special lady will be chauffeured to shop for a new suit of clothes, then it’s off for a complete makeover. While she’s getting made up, he’ll be taken to pick out a something special gift for her. Then it’s off to a romantic location for a photo shoot with a 573 Magazine photographer. And the evening picks up at a fine restaurant where the couple and eight of their closest friends will have a private dinner fit for a king along with an evening of music and fun.

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CONTESTANT #1: Angela I separated from my husband in August 2014 and thought this marriage was over. I stopped taking care of myself and just went into depression mode. About a week before Christmas, we contacted each other and started talking—neither of us wanted a divorce. I still didn’t have the drive to take care of me. However, we have made progress and are on the road to healing our marriage. I’m wanting a new start with what I look like and how I feel about myself.CONTESTANT #2: Katie I would like to enter this for my Mom. She is a hard worker and is always there for me. When I moved out of state for college, she picked up a second job to help out with extra expenses due to my school loans. I know I could never repay her for this or for all the other trivial and amazing things she does for me and our family, but I think it would make her feel super special and loved since our family doesn’t always show it. Also, over the last two years she has lost her dad (my grandpa) and her brother (my uncle). I had never seen her so broken by something. But even in this tragedy, she is able to overcome it and be there for me and my brothers and my dad, as well as the rest of the family. She is my rock and deserves to have a day of pampering.CONTESTANT #3: Emily I don’t want to say I don’t feel pretty or I don’t love myself, because I do. But lately I have been in the habit of loving others more than myself. I have a two- year-old son whom I adore, and he makes my whole world better, but he takes up a lot of my time. I’m married to a wonderful husband, but he has struggled with a math class for a long time, and these past three weeks have been nothing but helping him with math and essays and anything else school-related. I am stressed and am depleted and I don’t feel right spending tons of money on myself, since we could use it for something else like diapers or save for my husband’s masters degree he would like to start next fall. Sometimes I forget I’m important too, so this day would help remind me.CONTESTANT #4: Valerie A chainsaw and a shovel; these items played a huge part in the beginning of our story. Kevin and I met four years ago on a blind date set up by a mutual and very persistent friend! It was terribly romantic. He called and asked me to take a drive with him to get his chainsaw from his brother! Having survived breast cancer, my priorities had changed. Kevin was recovering from heart surgery and wanted a less stressful life. A month later, it was Kevin’s birthday and I was going to take him out to dinner to celebrate. My quarter mile driveway had washed out from heavy rains and I told him we would have to cancel our plans. A few hours later, he called telling me he was at the end of my driveway with a shovel and we would be able to celebrate his birthday! Last March he surprised me and proposed while we watched the sunset at the Grand Canyon. We are getting married in May. When we met we were trying to regain our health and not looking for a relationship. Today we are very healthy and feel blessed to be enjoying life together.CONTESTANT #5: Salena I am a stay-at-home mother of three and have been happily married for 11 years to my wonderful husband, Curtis. I would love to win this contest. Who wouldn’t? Lol. I’ve never entered a contest like this before, maybe this will be my lucky day. Winning would be kind of special for me and my husband. We’ve still never had that honeymoon, but we talk about going one day when the kids are older. With me being home all the time taking care of everyone, I rarely take the time to do more than shower, pull my hair up and throw on the beloved sweat pants and t-shirt for the day. I would much rather spend my money on cute clothes for the kids than myself. I’m not saying I’m any more deserving than any other mother, wife or woman to win this contest, it would just be nice and so much fun to play dress up and be pampered for the day. Thank you for considering us for your giveaway.[socialpoll id=”2254040″]
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