The We Want To Make You Feel Fabulous Contest

Always having to overcome obstacles in our daily lives, we sometimes forget to take the time to really enjoy each other’s company. The creative staff of the 573 Magazine would like to help you out. We, along with some of our fabulous sponsors, are hosting the 573 Feeling Fabulous Makeover Contest. One lucky couple will win the day they have been longing for. We will pick you up, dust you off and give you a night you will never forget. This could be perfect for an anniversary, wedding party, birthday or any other special occasion—it’s your choice.The winning couple will start their lucky day with some individual pampering. Our special lady will be chauffeured to shop for a new suit of clothes, then it’s off for a complete makeover. While she’s getting made up, he’ll be taken to pick out a something special gift for her. Then it’s off to a romantic location for a photo shoot with a 573 Magazine photographer. And the evening picks up at a fine restaurant where the couple and eight of their closest friends will have a private dinner fit for a king along with an evening of music and fun.

PLACE YOUR VOTE    -Farmington and area

CONTESTANT #1: Kate Well honestly, I do not have a good reason that really demonstrates why we deserve this extra special treat. There are so many atrocities going on throughout the world, it’s hard to write why we’d deserve this. But here’s why I’d like it: I’m a toddler mommy and I rarely think anything sounds as fun as hanging out with him. When I read about this contest though, I thought “oh I think I could do that!” Especially since baby #2 is coming along this summer!CONTESTANT #2: Donna At the age of 65, things are just not where they used to be. That includes body parts, car keys, last season,s clothes, and my favorite book. I could sure use a make over to help put things back in order!!!  If I can only remember….CONTESTANT #3: Amanda I suppose I could rank as pretty much pitiful, considering as I am currently typing my sad story, my husband is informing me he will not participate, and I will have to persuade my best friend to do this with me. I am totally fine with that, considering we are both lame and rarely do anything to pamper ourselves. I am a mother of three fantastic and energy draining boys whose lives revolve around mud, trucks, fishing, and hunting. I consider a lukewarm bath with tiny fingers under the door saying, “Mom can I have a snack?” as being the only spa I’ll ever see.  As much as I would love to be the most deserving of the prize, I wouldn’t trade a moment of my crazy, busy life……Wait, yes I could for at least one day to myself!CONTESTANT #4: Erin My husband, Michael ,and I have been married for almost eight years. We have four beautiful children and I’m a stay-at-home mother. Over the past few years the focus has gone off of our marriage and on to our children. We rarely have any time (or extra money) to spend on our selves and connect with each other. I would love for just one evening to be able to connect with Michael and have a conversation that doesn’t revolve around diapers and the electric bill. I want to be looked at like I am beautiful and not just a mother covered in baby spit up. I want to enjoy the company of my husband and hold his hand. I would love to rekindle our love for each other.CONTESTANT #5: Wilma As I was sitting in the bathroom, I picked up one of our magazines, as I usually do, and began to read. This time I picked up the 573 Magazine, which I love. I came across this article about the 573 Makeover contest, and I said to myself, “Self, you need this, you really need this.” All my life, I have been told by my friends, that I needed a complete makeover. What were they trying to tell me, that I needed help?   My daughter would always say, “Mom, you have wore your hair like this all your life, get a change done,” I would say OK, but it was a passing ok, because I knew in my heart that I could never do it, never really could afford it, and in my heart I always was afraid to try something different to my hair or to my clothing style. I met one of my friends from high school two weeks ago. I wasn’t sure who she was at first, but she knew me right off the bat.  She said, You haven’t changed a bit. Everything about you is the same.  Wow!, I need a makeover!CONTESTANT #6: Abby Why should I win this contest? I’m a college student with a crazy family and I’ve already managed to pull out most of my hair. If I win this makeover, hopefully they could try to put some of it back up there. Stress has become my middle name and getting pampered at a spa would literally SAVE MY LIFE.  So help a sista out! Not only could you be saving my life, you could potentially be saving another person’s life by making sure they don’t run away in terror from seeing me walk down the street. Sounds like a win, win to me, vote for Abby!!CONTESTANT #7: Misty My name is Misty and am a 39 years old mother of three great kids! I am desperately need a makeover and pampering because all I do is run, run, run!! My kids keep me busy with basketball and cheerleading! One huge thing I have accomplished this past year is losing 75 pounds! A makeover is just what this little gal needs! Please. Please. Please choose me!!![socialpoll id=”2254042″]
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