A Niche In The Market

story 2   image 4Many people new to business think they have to find a NEW niche in the market. They think they have to find something that no one else knows or do what hasn’t already been done. This really isn’t the case. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel or finding some magical niche, but it helps if you find a good small niche. The smaller the niche the bigger the business potential. At times I have tried to be everything to everyone and I quickly learned it is way better to do one small thing passionately and then distribute it to a large area. That is the idea of a successful niche.I know for a fact that you CAN wake up one day with a passion and without money, or connections, or support from family or government… you can move from rags to riches if you are willing to work hard and learn. Recently, we have encountered a man who took his passion to the market. A true testament to the American dream as I believe it to be. Meet Dave Couch – husband, father, businessman.story 2   image 3My name is Dave Couch. I live in Fredericktown with my wife Erin Couch (Boushie) and our two girls, Cora (four) and Kendall (two), and another on the way.My family is a little different than most. I own a custom body shop, White Trash Customs, and my whole family is into cars & motorcycles. Cora, my oldest, learned to ride at the age of three after getting her own gas powered dirt bike, and Kendall has learned to ride at the age of two and a half. Our family life mostly revolves around car stuff, no dolls or tea parties. My wife’s twin sister even runs the parts department for me.The name, White Trash Customs, is a marketing gimmick to make you remember us. Kinda like Hooters, it’s a fun entertaining name that makes for easy conversation. WTC was started about fifteen years ago. We are in our fourth shop now, having outgrown the others.I graduated from UTI in Houston, TX. I started with just me and my grandpa, [he] giving me a hand as I needed something. Fastly learning that I had a strong interest and talent for taking the everyday ordinary into something off the wall and over the top. I had originally started by adding air suspension to lower cars and trucks flat on the ground, then started removing door handles and welding up the holes (shaving them) so they could open by remote. Today we are building high end custom semis, party buses and custom automobiles which go to auction every few months.White Trash Customs is a one-stop shop. We do painting, fabrication, upholstery, glass, tires, wheels. Our new location has everything under one roof, we even offer collision repair. We are the only shop in the area housing a 46 ft paint booth for semis and RVs.The green Chevy is a 2011 model with only 4,000 miles as of today on it. We bought it for the wife, new with 16 miles on it. We put about 1,000 miles on it before we cut it up to make a show truck out of it. The truck was built in 25 evenings, not days. I built the truck while we were still a part-time shop, and I never missed one hour of work at my full time job.It has undergone many changes: bagged, body dropped, color change, sheet metal bed, 24’s, custom interior. To help understand “bagged” a little more, we remove all the stock suspension and install “air ride” allowing it to be fully adjustable. For the body drop, we had to modify the frame by removing all framework rails that hung below the body, add a step notch so the rear axle will go up past the frame, and cutting the upper and lower control arms off and relocating them so that when all the air pressure is released it will lay the body on the ground. The truck started its life as a base model black work truck. Erin had decided on the color change so while I was at my full time job, she had taken it apart and sanded the entire truck so that we had to paint it. The black leather and ostrich gave the interior a very classy touch while sitting with 24 in. rims tightly tucked underneath the truck. I remember building the truck and we tried to take a shortcut by not body dropping it and Erin walked out in the shop and said “It is not low enough and looks like crap and the body isn’t touching the ground”. Away she went and away we went working through the night, completing the body drop in 16 hours while she slept. We were finished by morning, and the wife is now happy.story 2  image 1story 2  image 2

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