An American Dream

A few years ago 573 Magazine did a story on Pho8, a Vietnamese noodle shop in Cape. Since then I have eaten at this place at least once a month. To say I love the food there would be an understatement, but there is one other reason I go to Pho8, and her name is Ann. Ann is the new owner of Pho8, and I couldn’t be more happy for her. A few years ago she came to the United States from Thailand, worked hard, became the manager of Pho8 and managed to buy the restaurant for herself. You can’t tell me the American Dream is not alive. If you think it’s a lie, just visit Ann and ask her for yourself. She’ll be there, cooking, talking to customers, cleaning, doing the books and helping her employees. She is an amazing person and a great cook. Meet Ann Rivera. Mother. Wife. Friend. Entrepreneur. American.My name is Ann Rivera. I came from Thailand in 1998. I was invited here by Su Hill to help open a Thai food restaurant in Cape Girardeau. I worked in the food business in America for three years and decided to become a citizen. Today I am married to John Rivera, and we have one daughter Arene.I grew up in a big family. My Mother and my Aunt cooked all the time. That’s why I know what good food should taste like. They taught me a lot about the importance of fresh, great food. It’s fresh and quality ingredients that make my food at Pho8 taste so good.I studied hotel and business in Thailand, and I had a small restaurant in Bangkok before coming here to help Su. The ideas of the menu at Pho8 came from Su, and I just put my touch on top. There is no need to make big changes to what is good. And, if I did, my customers might get upset.Nothing is easy about the restaurant business, but I love the Pho8 concept so much. That’s why I keep working hard and never give up. I get to work with hard-working young people, and I love my customers. That alone makes it all worth it. MyAmerican Dream is still a work-in-progress and has a long way to go. I’m proud to be an American citizen and lucky that I have a good husband who always supports me. I’m so thankful to Su Hill for all her ideas and my team that works so hard. For now, I will keep it a simple, friendly, local restaurant in Cape Girardeau. In the future, I have couple ideas coming this summer. I hope to see you at Pho8.Pho-8 3036 William St Cape Girardeau CLICK HERE TO READ MORE AND SEE MORE PICS

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