Stephanie B

Please save me from my ugly bathroom! I’ve lived with my ugly bathroom for 13 years. We have actually taped and glued the ugly tile on the walls that keeps falling off. There’s a huge section out by my ugly green bathtub. I painted my walls blue hoping to make things look better and even tried painting a tile behind the door and it looked horrible so I hurried up and tried getting it off. I really hope to win!

Lacey R.

HELP!! Someone call Doc and tell him my bathroom is stuck in the 50’s! My husband and I inherited his great grandmothers home in 2015. The walls are plastic, the ceiling paint is peeling, the wood inside the vanity is rotting, and the closet is unfinished. There is a mirror on the wall that has enough storage for our tooth paste and tooth brushes. His grandmother replaced the tub with a nice handicap accessible shower a few years ago, we replaced the toilet, and replaced the peeling lanolin with stick on vinyl tiles. Unfortunately the tiles do not match the walls, or the vanity. The shower is in great condition, but we have two young boys, ages 4 and 5. If you know anything about young children, you would know that they despise showers. To my children showers are always a fight. They can’t play with their favorite bath toys, and soap in the eyes is an inevitable nightly tragedy. I was SO desperate to give my children an enjoyable bathing experience that I would fill a large plastic storage container with warm water, pour in some bubbles, and call it a tub. I was pretty impressed with the idea really, until it came to emptying the so called tub, that is. I figured it out after a few uses, but the first time dumping the water is one for the books. I started to tip the storage container on its side, using the wall of the shower as a guide. I was dumping the water out a few splashes at a time. My confidence was increasing. I thought to myself “How innovative! This is a total mom win!” And JUST when I started to get a big head about it my foot slipped. My whole body fell towards the shower, causing the container to slam down on the shower floor. Water went EVERYWHERE. I laugh about it now, but I was absolutely devastated at the time. 573 Magazine, please fix my ugly bathroom. I want to turn this outdated eyesore into a bathroom the whole family can enjoy!

Jacqueline W.

My husband and I just moved into what we hope will be our ‘’forever’’ home in Cape Girardeau. The bathroom, like most of the house, is functional but definitely outdated and full of intriguing/confusing design elements. There is a goldenrod yellow vanity with a seashell basin sink, two hanging accent lights on brass chains, and a bathtub complete with rubber duck bath treads and wallpaper going up the fiberglass sides (I didn’t realize that was a thing, and fail to see the practicality as the shower gets water on these walls). However, my favorite part is the layers of wallpaper. When we moved in and first started cleaning up, we just saw the grandmotherly, pastel-explosion floral wallpaper, but soon discovered that underneath lies a metallic jungle pattern straight out of the 1970’s. I think it is absolutely fantastic and would love to keep it… my husband hates it. We are so far at a draw for which elements to keep and which to trash in this eclectic and rather ugly bathroom.

Darrell M.

I bought a nice old Craftsman style house built in 1928. The house has beautiful Oak trim and woodwork and is in very good shape for it’s age, however the bathroom is horrible. I could only take of a few days from work to move and had no time to remodel the bathroom before I moved in. This is the only bathroom in the house so I need to get it remodeled quickly since I am living in the house. If you can find an uglier bathroom I feel sorry for the owners.

Deidre R.

So we bought our 1975 brick ranch a few years ago. We fell in love with the flat, spacious backyard, and liked all the space the house had. Almost all of the rooms needed renovation, but we figured we would do one room at a time. Well, fast forward to three years later. We ended up having to put a new roof on, then our garage ceiling collapsed. Now we are starting the reno on the kitchen. This avocado green bathroom is begging for a makeover! It was the height of fashion in 1975, but now its just UGLY! What makes it even worse is that its the main bathroom in the house, the one all the guests use. The countertop is green and white swirled marble, with green tile halfway up the wall, with a matching green tub and toilet! The tub is also super shallow, so its hard to bathe in it. Please help us get rid of the green!!!
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