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Adam & Becky C

Adam and I had a big year! We welcomed a baby girl March 2016 and he and his mother had to sell their childhood home they both grew up in due to financial reason. My mother in law moved to Seattle with her other son and we bought the home Adam grew up in. We only paid $9500 but it needed a lot of work. The bathroom ugly as it is..it is in good working condition. We would love and be grateful if we got this gift thank you in advance! One last thing my daughter is terrified of the handicap bathtub.

573magazine - Adam Becky 30x24 - Bathroom contest - Farmington & Area

Melissa K.

We purchased our house in 2008. My husband has worked his tail off on updates/upgrades on our house making it a home. My father in law passed away in 2006 after a battle with cancer. Before he passed away my father in law, brother in law and my husband had remodeled 4 house tearing them down to the studs and rebuilding them to new condition along with building my brother in law’s new home. My husband knows absolutely nothing about the bathroom/plumbing part of the remodeling. Every project he has done around the house he always says “if dad were here how would he do it” or “what would my dad think of this project.” I would love to get rid of this pink and brown bathroom and surprise my husband in the process and give him a bathroom remodel that would make his father proud! Please help 573 Magazine!!

573magazine - Adam Becky 30x24 - Bathroom contest - Farmington & Area

Katrina M.

The house my husband and I live was built by his father over 30 years ago. When I moved in about 10 years ago the house looked like it stepped out of the 80’s? Slowly we have began to update the home, this year we were hoping to do the main guest bathroom and our kitchen, but sadly our air conditioning and heating unit had to be replaced so that took 8,500 out of our budget that we needed for those projects. Also, I love my hubby very much! I also love my father-in-law, but both these men can lose focus very quickly:). I can honestly say that not one room in our home is complete. My husband hates when I give him trouble about the master bathroom that took him 5 years to complete!!!! Yes 5 years for a basic bathroom:). We are unable to sell our home due to the fact that we are all on family property so it’s an all or nothing type deal, so we having been putting all of our money into updating the house. Money is tight because I am a special ed teacher and my husbands company has been sold several times over the years so that has been a stress, but we are both hard workers and we powered thru. I would so love this bathroom redone since it is the only bathroom that our guest use.

573magazine - Adam Becky 30x24 - Bathroom contest - Farmington & Area

Lisa H.

It’s sad that sometimes we let things go for a very long time before fixing it. It’s not just going to magically disappear, but guess we put it out of our minds for a while thinking that soon we will have the money to work on it or replace it. I’ve been telling my grandchildren of 4 for a few years now that as soon as grandma (me) retires I’m hoping to redo our bathroom because it looks awful! I really do think my bathroom where they sit in the tub to take a bath petrifies them all!! Lol! They always get this look on their face, none of them like taking showers and they are starting to ask me when they have to bathe, “When are you gonna fix the bathroom grandma?” It’s funny that these little guys are very young but yet very observant at 4 and 5 yrs. old. Gotta love them!! Lol!! This is a true story about our bathroom and if I win this Bathroom makeover from​ ​573 Magazine then I won’t have to wait till I retire to get it redone and I’m sure my grandchildren would be happy to hear that!! Lol!

573magazine - Adam Becky 30x24 - Bathroom contest - Farmington & Area

Brystol J.

I am 5 and my little brother, Loudon is 2. We would really like to have a bathroom makeover because we want to help out our mom and dad, and do what kids do when it’s bath time….PLAY!!! Our bathroom isn’t kid friendly!! It seems to work for the grownups, they can walk right in and take a shower, but for me and my brother…..we are stuck using, I think our mommy refers to as a “Rubbermaid storage tote or something like that,” for a tub. Mom can’t really fill it up very full because when we sit down the water runs over the top and out on the floor which makes a mess. Both of us have fallen because the floor is really slippery when it gets wet, so my mom has to put a towel down. We don’t get to play because the water gets COLD too fast. My mom gets us pretty clean but she complains a lot about getting down on the floor to give us a bath and OMG, it’s really bad when she washes my hair. She has to get up and down to get cups of clean water from the sink to rinse it, she always tells me that it is rough on her knees. The sink in the bathroom, it looks like a bowl on top of a post. Me and my brother like to hang from, mom says we look like monkeys and tells us to stop before someone gets hurt. My brother is potting training, he is always hitting his head on the bowl because it is right by the toilet and he is the same height. And there is a wall alongside the toilet that we both have hit our head on that my mom says she going to take out with a BIG hammer……….PLEASE HELP her and us have a normal bathroom!

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