Doggy Wear – A 573 Person Of The Year

story-4-4So we found a cute puppy and set up a doggy fashion shoot to get a fix on her products.  Our young entrepreneur was of course our photo stylist, but she may have gotten more than she bargained for in our doggy model.  You see my friends, this was one cantankerous pup with an agenda all his own -and did I mention very sharp puppy teeth?  (He looked real cute.)  It was a battle for sure, but our young entrepreneur held her own and we walked away with some good images.  Definitely, our, 573 Magazine, kind of people and a 573 Magazine Person of the Year.  Meet Katie Wahlers.My name is Katie Wahlers. I am 12 years old and in the seventh grade at West County School and live in Bismark.  My parents are Tom and Rose Wahlers.  My parents and others help and support me with everything they can.  My mom and her fiancé help me go to all the craft sales and set it all up.  I am big into animals, having three horses and three dogs.  I want to be a veterinarian when I grow up and also learn about and eventually teach dog agility.  My grandparents Mike and Valorie Smith made me dog agility equipment that I use on my grandma’s Doberman Pinscher named Pepper.  I’ve taught her a lot of tricks, like jumping through hoops, walking a teeter totter, and the basic commands like sit and stay.story-4-3Bluelab Bandanas started because of a friend that has the same interest as I do and a love for animals.  We talked about dressing up our own fur babies and making bandanas for them.  I went to my grandma (Valorie Smith), and asked her to help me make some bandanas for my own dogs.  I cut out the material and my grandma sews.  I posted them on Instagram to show my friends and people started asking me if they could buy them.   I went to my mom and asked her if we could mail a bandana to the state of Maine for the first lady that bought one; I don’t think I ever got paid for it but I hope she enjoys that bandana. After mailing a few bandanas off my mom asked what on Earth I was doing and if I was going to get paid how I was getting paid.  Then my mom suggested making an Etsy account.  My mom just let me get on the computer and see if I could figure out how it works and I did.  My mom let me use her bank account and I set up my own Etsy page and posted my own photos.  I even write the descriptions of the fabric that was used.  By 11:30pm I had posted five photos and descriptions and by 7:30am the next morning I made my first sale.  stroy-4-2story-4-1 I have sent bandanas to Maine, Georgia, to Kansas City, to Texas and Alabama.  We have made up baskets and gave one away at the Desloge Labor Day picnic as a raffle.  We also made one up for a juvenile diabetes benefit in St Louis.  Our first craft fair was the Desloge Labor Day picnic where we sold 90 bandanas and had a lot of support from friends and family.  I have had a craft booth at Desloge Labor Day Picnic, Caledonia Pumpkin Festival, St Joseph’s Craft Bazaar, Twin Oaks Wine for Whiskers and the Leadwood Fall Festival. 

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