Fall is an amazing time of year.  Changes all around us will bring Fall’s chilly winds. Wind is romantic. It can take your breath away. But what is this invisible thing called wind?  We can’t see it. We can’t hold it in our hands.  But we feel it.  We can see it skip across a lake.  We see leaves trembling as it passes through a tree.  We gaze in amazement as it tangles the long hair of a young woman. But we can never own it for ourselves.  It belongs to the world and to everyone. It’s hard to capture in a photograph. No sooner than you think you are about to have it in view for the perfect photo, the moment passes and the wind releases its force.  Ah, but if you are a patient person you can capture the wind as it works—that is, if the wind is willing to let you.

My name is Makayla McGruder

I’m a small town farm girl, hailing from rural Patton, Missouri.  My family has a 55-acre farm where we specialize in poultry and horses.  Agriculture and the science behind sustainable measures have always sparked an interest in me, thus leading to my pursuit of an Agribusiness degree with an emphasis in biotechnology.  Aside from my passion for agriculture, I am also very interested in art.  When I am not outside, I am always doodling or working on a picture that incorporates my farm life in some way.  I hope to one day have my own cattle operation and art studio so as to live and promote agriculture. I am an avid outdoorswoman: hunting, fishing, horseback riding, and trekking the woods to sketch the natural world.  I raise/hunt my own food, create artwork, shop local, and I support U.S. farmers. Patton is a farming community known mainly for its Patton Junction Livestock Auction and its agricultural background.  The Patton Junction is the intersection of Highway 51 and Highway 72.  Located at this intersection is the Patton Junction gas station, Bonnie’s Moo Cow Cafe, Mouser Steel Supply, the Variety Shop Convenience Store, and, of course, the Livestock Auction.  Auctions are held on every Monday except on holidays.  Much of our livelihood depends upon the auction block.  All of our business resonates from the selling of cattle.  Patton is also known for the famous Edward Capehart O’Kelley, who was born and raised in Patton in 1858.  O’Kelley fatally shot and killed Robert Ford, the man who fatally shot Jesse James.  A memorial to O’Kelley stands in the Patton United Methodist Church Cemetery on County Road 878.  Philanthropy is an interesting shop that allows me to shop local while impacting others far away.  Ten percent of profits are sent to charities, some local and some international. This shop is unique since it sells many one-of-a-kind pieces of art, clothing, and accessories not commonly found in other stores.  It is a great shop that provides insight to the historic downtown Cape area, and the ladies there are more than happy to help you and answer your questions.  The clothing is of exceptional quality with many different styles to fit everyone’s tastes.  And remember, every time you make a purchase, you are actually helping others!According to Bridgett Kielhofner, owner of Philanthropy Fashion in downtown Cape, “Philanthropy is a ministry ‘disguised’ as a clothing boutique—a platform for our customers to make a difference.” By carrying a variety of fashion forward clothes and accessories they help local women stay stylish with a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. So what about the ministry part? They pledge at least 10% of their total sales to different charities. Nearly $500,000 has been raised so far.  That’s cool.


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