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I have always been a sucker for the underdog.  Man, this guy is the underdog’s underdog.  I had known this guy since 2012 when we first did a feature story on him and his home renovations, something he has been doing for more than ten years.  Originally from St. Louis, he came to Cape Girardeau for college, stayed after school, and now holds nearly 100 rental properties and a contracting company.  You know the typical American story – wake up, work hard, do whatever it takes to make money.
Recently, he had a great idea to incorporate used shipping containers into the design of modern living and office spaces.  It is the coolest idea.  The second I saw it, I wanted him to build an office in Cape for 573 Magazine using this new technology.  But there was a snag.  A few over dogs decided the idea was wrong for Cape and Quin was shut down -I’m sure they had legitimate reasons – that’s not the nature of this story.  

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Like most business owners, Quin fought a bit and had to rethink his plans for building with this earth-friendly technology in Cape.   Without missing a beat, he merely shifted his focus on sister town Jackson where his idea was well received.  In the end, Quin was allowed to begin construction of his original duplex project in Cape since he had already purchased the property and had a permit.  I’m happy to announce that construction has begun.  Man, this guy never gives up.  He is 573 Magazine’s kind of people and is the 573 Fighter of the Year.
My name is Quinn Strong.  I always knew I wanted to be in real estate, and Cape presented the perfect opportunity to the college housing market.  My first experience with building and construction was in college, and for the last ten years I have been buying and remodeling houses in the Cape Girardeau area.  
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Remodeling houses can have its own unique set of challenges.  More times than not, the budget effects creativity.  Today, my experiences help me to work creatively on a budget, and it helps my clients as well with getting more bang for their buck.  
I work with the most incredibly talented subcontractors in the region.  We take on any sized project from single resident homes to commercial spaces to apartment complexes.  

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