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According to Wikipedia, Glamping is a portmanteau of glamor and camping and describes a style of camping with amenities and, in some cases, resort-style services not usually associated with “traditional” camping.  Glamping has become particularly popular with 21st-century tourists seeking the luxuries of hotel accommodation alongside the escapism and adventure recreation of camping.

Recently, we met a local Glamper and some of her friends glamped out at the Twin Oaks Winery.  Dolly Owens and her pals own itty-

My name is Dolly.  My husband and I have been married for 37 years, and we moved to Farmington 24 years ago. I have worked for UPS for 22 years and my husband and son run our monument business, Parkland Monument Co.

I first came across the itty-bitty vintage campers on Pinterest while looking for decor ideas for our 5th wheel camper we had at the time.  I instantly fell in love and thought, “I have to have one” not knowing anything about what to look for or how to fix one of these little gems up, “How hard can that be, I can do that.  I’ll just live-n-learn.” That would be where my husband comes in.  I thought this would be a fun project for the two of us to work on together.  So Kevin went along with this crazy idea of mine, but not as interested as I was about the whole thing.  In the meantime, I was telling my sister Denise, (she had the Texas-themed glamper, of course, at the winery) about the vintage campers and she had come across them too and had been looking for one herself.  We both got so excited thinking we could take our itty bitty campers out and meet somewhere in the middle maybe Arkansas and we could visit more often and neither one of us would have to drive as far.

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I found my little beauty first.  When I first saw my itty bitty camper for sale I fell in love.  It was just the right size, I could just see its potential.  It was originally a deer camper, like most of these smaller older campers seem to be used for.  The sister of the guy who was selling it was showing it to me, said there would be no way she would stay in it.  It kind of smelled, had a rotted floor in the back and several windows were broken, but I loved her just the same.  When I got the title from the previous owners, on the envelope they had written Jezabelle.  Jezabelle is now Ima.  We took her home and I dove right in!  I started tearing everything out of her being careful to save what I could in case I needed it later.  There were many times I would get upset with my husband because he wasn’t all into it like I thought he sould be.  But I thought well, this was my idea, I can do this.  Once I got it all gutted, I was getting stressed out not knowing how I was going to put it back together.  I would see this project through no matter what!  I carried on doing what I could, taking the windows out and recaulking, scraping, painting, and getting a bad dent out of the top outside corner.

vintage campers and open them for tours wherever they park.  Dolly and her self-proclaimed wine pals will be hosting tours of their vintage camper during the 573 Chalk Festival in Perryville this August 19th during the Perryville Solar Eclipse event.

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