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What does it mean to be Human?  What does it really mean?  To me, it is the hard fact and truth that we are all the same.  No matter what anyone tells you, we are all the exact same creature.  Yes, we have different fur and skin colors.  We have different ideas, religions, and preferences and tastes in foods, but once you remove the superficial – we are all the same. 

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To be human is to be self-aware and understanding that other humans are capable of the same awareness.  To be human is to be curious – we daydream, we explore, we invent, we love, we hate, we create, we destroy, we learn about ourselves and crave to learn about the universe, we have strong opinions. To be human we observe, we evolve, we examine cultural differences and realize we are a relative of everyone else in the world. To be human, we are aware of the fact that one’s body does not live forever.

Recently we came across a young woman who is single handily trying to make a difference.  But every effort and every dream holds a price.  She has a message.  She has a way to get the message out – tee-shirts.  To get her dream off the ground she has to work.  So to finance her dream, she is an Uber Driver in St. Louis.  She picks herself up, drives to St. Louis and drives others around so she can keep her message alive.  Meet Cassandra Wickerham AKA: Cassie.

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