Give us your opinion on who has the ugliest kitchen and who is the most deserving home owner.

We have some pretty ugly kitchens in the 573, but we are going to help one lucky home ditch those cabinets and those green counters for some custom cabinets by our friends at Woodworks and some new floors and counters by our friends at Carpet One Farmington.   We have it narrowed down now we need your help in choosing a winner.  Now, give us your opinion on who has the ugliest kitchen and who is the most deserving home owner.

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I love this magazine. Why? Because it’s local.  I love to learn things about my little corner of the world that I can enjoy on a Saturday or Sunday, an evening, or a long weekend. I like to read about someone and say “Hey, I know them!”  But as I was perusing the February issue, I spied an ad that catapulted me right square into a personal little corner of my world, my own little galley kitchen. You asked if I thought my kitchen had been around long enough? Well, yes, since 1970. You mentioned avocado green cabinets and peeling linoleum floors – I have that, too! Green and yellow cabinets, and a big gaping hole in the linoleum in front of my 1990’s refrigerator that is covered with family pictures and recipes under magnets. And the pattern of that linoleum is unique. It’s a kind of green, a little tint of blue – aqua, maybe. All in a nice 1970’s sort of design – pebbles, big pebbles, about two-inch sized pebbles. Resembles a creek bed.  And lives were lived there, countless family meals were prepared there, children and puppies and love was raised there. Babies were born and parents passed on, and that linoleum is still there as a testament to all the memories that were made walking over it.  And, ah, the cabinets.  Handmade of plywood by the original owner of the home, never a remodel in the forty-plus years that they have held the plates and appliances of an evolving family.I would love to invite anyone over and not feel that internal little twinge of embarrassment that exists because of the current condition of my kitchen, the heart of my home.Thank you, Lois

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My name is Duane, I’m 26yrs old and bought my first house 5yrs ago. The home is 30yrs old and outdated. My girlfriend Brittani lives with me with our two dogs. Our house is a fixer upper but with her being a full time college student and working and me being presently unemployed, fixing the house is a big struggle. The kitchen is the main room our guest see when coming into our home. No matter how much you clean the gold floors and counter tops it always looks dirty. There’s no dishwasher, only a 2 top burner, and our oven doesn’t hold temp, therefore you have to babysit it. Only special size pans will fit inside which makes our meals limited. Our kitchen is so gross the dogs don’t even want to eat their food out of their bowls on the floor. The wallpaper is coming down on its own, there’s barely any storage to where we have to use the laundry room to store our pots and pans. A few of our drawers are glued shut to where we even lose more storage space. My girlfriend and I would greatly appreciate if you would pick us because we both would enjoy cooking in a kitchen we’d be proud of.Thanks, Duane & Brittani

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I attempted to makeover my kitchen myself, but it looks worse than when I started. I did have green formica countertops from the late 70s, orange and green wallpaper, and almost an off-white/pink cabinets and matching appliances.  A year later, I have countertops that are still sticky from an epoxy seal over black countertop paint and garage floor sprinkles. I painted the cabinets, but within days, scratches started appearing with the old paint showing right on through. My kitchen is a sad Pinterest fail. Oh! My sink, it had corroded and is hanging on to the countertop with glue.-Whitney

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The sad story of my family kitchen.Is an unfortunate result of a DIY mission. Our backsplash is a hideous avocado green.A bad rerun of a 70’s scene. The cabinets are warped, crooked, and battered.Kitchen drawers, unpractical broken and shattered. No pantry to speak of- space for a mop or a broom.The dishwasher broken, it met its last doom. Cheap white countertops are peeling and easily stain.Finding space for dishes can be such a pain. Crackle paint is awful what more can I say.My DIY project went to dismay. It still the heart of our home where we sit down to eat.Friends and family welcome even if it’s not always neat. 573- we need more than spackle.Please rid our kitchen of the awful crackle!Thanks, Rachel

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Help us out of the Dungeon!! This house was built in spurts starting in the 30’s! The kitchen has too few cabinets and some are not attached to the wall.  The wall board and old laminate cabinet tops cannot be scrubbed enough but I can sure keep decorating over it!!The branding iron makes a great pan rack but it doesn’t hold enough. Thanks for considering this old country kitchen for a make over!! -Kathie  
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