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Although some may feel that art education is a luxury, the truth of the matter is just the opposite. The simple act of creativity is vitally important for kids and the way they perceive the world around them. Drawing, painting, and working with clay all develop visual skills that are more important than ever in our online world. Making art, holding a paintbrush, or scribbling with a crayon are essential in building motor skills. The act of creation is not a team sport and the internet cares not about living in real time, most importantly alone time. Art helps build self-esteem in ways not fully understood. It helps people to cope and understand the importance of being able to spend time with yourself. Quality ME TIME.

According to the National Institutes of Health, 33% of kids are visual learners. Kids paint, use scissors and make art way before they begin to read or write. In a world filled with computers and smartphones, art encourages kids to give more attention to the physical three-dimensional world that surrounds them. They need to draw, paint, smear, bend, paste. As our high schools put less and less emphasis on art, with most only offering minimum graduation requirements, one can’t help but wonder how this might affect our young people over the long-term. We say we’re preparing our young people for the workplace. We say we’re preparing them to be good citizens. Shouldn’t we also be teaching them to enjoy deeper forms of creativity and beauty? I think so. We’re happy to see a yearly event that emphasizes precisely that – the art of young people.

The K-12 Art Show sponsored by Mineral Area College, a community college located in Park Hills, holds a yearly K-12 art show that gathers entries from all over the region. Of course they hold judging and pick winners and give away ribbons and prizes, but we go to see the art. To be fair, we conduct a sweep through the show and simply photograph the art we like without looking at the name of the artist or school to be sure we are not influenced. After we photograph what we thought was stellar, we then go back and collect the names and schools. I know one thing for sure, we have some pretty great art teachers in the area. Our kids are super duper talented. I wish we could show them all.

A special thanks out to Danielle Basler and the gang at Mineral Area Council on the Arts for putting on such a wonderful display of talent.

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