Mary Jane Burgers & Brew


Recently we were invited to lunch at Mary Jane Burgers and Brew in Perryville. This restaurant is definitely worth a visit, not only for the food, but for the ambience as well. The burgers are crazy over the top and the beer selection is well thought out. Located in a 100-year-old building, the décor presents an eclectic style of old and new. Original tin ceilings and hardwood floors, barn style sliding doors paired with a lighted bar and glass garage doors for an open-air experience on nice days. The surroundings make for a very pleasant dining experience.“It’s been my dream since I was 12 years old,” responds owner Carisa Stark, when asked why she decided to open a restaurant. Carisa’s dream became reality October 2013, when on the courthouse square in Perryville, Mary Jane Burgers & Brew opened for business.The food made for an even better dining experience. As the name suggests, the focus is on beer and burgers. The menu features 14 different burgers and over 20 kinds of beer. Don’t worry if you’re not a beefeater. Sandwiches featuring chicken, pork, salmon, and crab are also available. Want to try something unique? Look no further than the appetizers. One marrow, sweet ‘n salty dates, and pork Rangoon will wake up your palate. There are so many original dishes on the menu; I can’t wait to return to try them all. There is a nice selection of flatbreads, salads and soups, and, of course, the burgers. Just the names of the burgers will pique your curiosity: Italian Stallion, War Pigs, Bulldoza, and Tricky Ricky are just a few of the offerings. To keep things exciting, the pastry chef creates desserts that change with the availability of fresh ingredients.The philosophy of Mary Jane Burgers & Brew is as refreshing as its food. The focus is on using only the freshest ingredients, purchased locally whenever possible, to support the small town economy. The burgers are prepared fresh daily using Midwest-raised cattle with no gmo’s, no antibiotics, and served on fresh-baked buns from a local Perryville bakery. After tasting the food, you soon discover that this extra effort is well worth it.I had to ask about the name. Carisa explained that after contemplating numerous names for the restaurant, she decided to name it after her grandmother, Mary Jane Buchheit, because of Mary Jane’s positive attitude. This attitude embodies Carisa’s philosophy, so it was an easy choice. The restaurant’s logo features a lovely photograph of Mary Jane, taken of her in the 1950’s when she was a teenager.CLICK HERE TO VEIW FULL EDITORIAL WITH PHOTO SPREAD.  (May 2014 ISSUE)

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