Mirror, Mirror

Personally, I try to stay away from mirrors the best I can. I kind of know who and what I am, so I try not to dwell on the point. When I do need to look in the mirror, I always take my glasses off first—I look better that way. What exactly, is the truth about mirrors? The mirror has to be the greatest unsung invention of the human race. The result is the best illusion ever—to reveal two faces where really there is just one. It enables us to self-analyze in real time.

Some people love looking at themselves in mirrors, sometimes for hours even. Some people hate looking at themselves in mirrors, even for a moment. Some animals don’t see themselves in a mirror at all while some see their reflection as another animal. Do these animals have no perception of self whatsoever?

When I look into a mirror I don’t see my messy hair or my crooked nose. I see my life. I see my failings. I see my achievements. I see my goals. I see my dreams. I see the night’s sleep I just had. Sometimes it can be taxing. Like it or not, when you look into a mirror you see nothing but the truth—the person you really are. OK, so you might be brushing your teeth at the same time.

We at 573 decided to take a look at the humble mirror. Danea Johnson, owner of Concepts Salon is no stranger to mirror images as she works in front of mirrors day in and day out helping clients look and feel better about themselves. Laurie Everette, owner of Annie Lauries, supplied us with all the mirrors and wardrobe. Suzanna Burke, our model, is a woman with a dream to see herself on the silver screen. And Kerry Davis took care of wardobe styling.

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