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As a little girl, I was shy and awkward.  I was afraid of people. I got picked last for teams in gym class. I didn’t have much confidence or any friends.   I wasn’t athletic.

Around the age of 20, I decided I wanted to start working out, lose a couple of pounds, and that was when I discovered I loved the gym.  But like many women, I soon developed an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise.  I became overly restrictive with my eating and found myself in the gym two or three times a day trying to work off all my calories.  I was miserable – cranky, distracted,  sleep-deprived and mean.  I was thin but not healthy.  During this time I managed to earn a degree in Fitness Management from MSU and went to work as a trainer and health promotions coordinator.

As the years went by I managed to repair my body and moderate my eating and exercise (for the most part), but I remained at odds with my body,  never happy with the way I looked.  This dissatisfaction with myself made it hard for me to connect with other people on a deep, personal level which led to me always feeling “apart from” rather than “a part of.”

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I moved from Lake Ozark to Cape in 2014 and began working for the city as a trainer and instructor. Not long after, I was approached by the Boot Camp Challenge Company and decided to start a camp here. My first camp launched in January 2015 with six campers and in two years has grown to 60+ campers every session, which is very exciting!

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Exercise shouldn’t feel like punishment.  It can be fun.  Fitness is so much more than just exercise. It’s a combination of emotional health, physical health, nutrition, self-care, confidence, and relationships.  Start drinking water again and nourishing your body. What you see in pictures is often a result of standing just the right way and retouching to create the illusion of perfection. No matter what you do, your body will always gravitate towards its natural shape. Once you began internalizing these lessons, Iyou will began to make friends with your body. One of my goals as a Boot Camp Challenge instructor is to help people learn to accept and appreciate their uniqueness.  When this happens, I start to see people really taking off – it’s kind of a cycle. Self-confidence comes, which results in a desire to treat oneself better, which increases confidence, and it just keeps on spiraling in that manner.

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