573 Mud Festival Rules

The mud fest courses have many hazards to include: water/mud holes, hills, uneven terrain, animals, insects, and obstacles… While at the 573 Mud Festival safety is paramount. We recommend you warm up and stretch before doing any of the obstacle courses. Hydrate prior to, during and after you run. 1. Mud Boss officials have final say on all aspects of the Mud Festival especially Safety.2. No hostile contact, throwing mud, profanity… will be tolerated.3. No objects can be carried in the festival grounds. Plastic water bottles are ok. Your car keys can be held by 573 Mud Festival at the entrance. You may leave and return to the grounds any time.4. Googles are not allowed.5. Leave all jewelry at home. Rings are forbidden.6. Wearing of contact lenses is forbidden on the courses.7. Children under 7 must be supervised by a parent at ALL times.8. Photography of any kind is prohibited. NO ACCEPTATIONS. That includes from outside the fence.9. Glass bottles are not prohibited.10. Children must have appropriate swim suits and age appropriate undergarments.11. You must have closed toed and laced shoes to enter the grounds.12. You must have sun screen applied to enter the grounds.13. You must have a signed released for all who enter the grounds -even spectators.14. Pushing, head dunking, throwing or any other dangerous actions will result immediate removal from grounds.15. By entering the 573 Mud Festival you are solely responsible for your safety and the safety of your family or guardians.16. All parents or guardians must be at least 18 years of age.17. Do not grab stakes or obstacle riggings.18. Do not grab tape, which marks the course.19. Get out of the way of my faster people. Let people pass. Nothing is worth getting hurt over. Move through courses safely.20. Follow all signs, marking and directions given by Mud Bosses while on the grounds. If a Mud Boss tells you to stop negotiating the obstacle or get out of a mud pit, then stop. Any instances of disregarding or arguing with a Mud Boss, will result in your removal and being barred from participating in the future.21. Your family and friends are welcome. Spectators will not have access to the Start/Finish line area.22. Pets are not allowed23. No outside coolers are to be brought in to the event.24. Spectators will not have access to the Start/Finish line area.25. If you lose a shoe, ask a Mud Boss for help.26. If you see something unsafe, please alert a Mud Boss
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