Pet Health

Cape -Man’s best friend isn’t just a statement. Nowadays, it’s fact. Research has shown that living with dogs…any kind of dog…can provide certain health benefits. Dogs can do everything from lower blood pressure and lessen anxiety, to boost the immune system. They can even help us get a date.

We hear stories about dogs that can detect cancer, seizures, and low blood sugar in humans. We also hear new stories of how dogs can reduce work stress, comfort autistic children, and even help veterans overcome the effects of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. Findings also show that elderly who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s can greatly have their life improved by a dog’s companionship. Pet therapy programs exist for this very reason.

We used to hear stories that having a dog or cat in the home would increase a baby’s risk of allergies. Now it seems this has been proven false. In fact, researchers are now saying having an animal in the home actually boosts a child’s immune system and can even lessen the chances of children having childhood eczema. READ FULL STORY

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