Pink Rock

A hike at the Castor River shut-ins. Missouri’s only pink granite shut-ins.

We recently posted on Facebook that we needed a cool couple to hike Pink Rock with us.  For those of you who seldom leave your backyard to explore our great outdoors, Pink Rock is actually Amidon State Conservation Area, a popular swimming hole at Missouri’s only pink granite shut-ins.   The place is just fantastic, yet we literally spent three hours on a sunny winter’s day and hardly saw a soul.   Man, if this place were in Colorado, there would be a long line of people waiting to get in to hike the trails, climb the rocks, and enjoy the view.  Come on people; what are you waiting for?   Did I mention it’s all FREE?  Anyway, we met up with the coolest couple who certainly do take advantage of all the great things this area has to offer.  Meet Katelyn Landress and Brandon Crews— a couple who care about our environment, want to see it last, and love to explore it.According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, these are Missouri’s only known pink granite shut-ins. This pinkish granite is an igneous rock formation that is 1.5 billion years old. Most of the exposed igneous rocks of the St. Francois Mountains region are rhyolite rather than granite. Igneous rocks are formed from volcanic activity. Granite is a coarse-grained igneous rock formed from magma that cooled underground and was later exposed. By contrast, rhyolite is formed when magma is cooled above ground. Shut-ins occur where a broader stream is “shut in” to a narrow canyon-like valley. Shut-ins typically occur in Missouri where streams flow through softer rocks such as dolomite or sandstone and then encounter a hard igneous rock.There you have it.My name is Katelyn and my boyfriend’s name is Brandon.  We live in Fredericktown and have lived there our whole lives.  My boyfriend and I are so excited to be in the 573 Magazine.  We are locals that absolutely love being outdoors.  We spend almost all of our free time outdoors. :)  We spent every weekend of this summer camping and kayaking, plus taking walks every day after work.  We are now getting into rock climbing, and we are patiently waiting for the spring to try it again.  Missouri offers SO many beautiful places to hike and enjoy the outdoors, and we will gladly take advantage of it.  I would love to see Missouri as a cleaner place; there is SO much littering that takes place and it saddens us a lot.  I also wish more people would get outside and enjoy Missouri.Brandon and I work in the same building at CapAmerica in Fredericktown.  At first, he kept smiling at me, and his smile is irresistible!  I dropped a note in his car (very unusual for me) telling him how attractive I thought he was.  We ended up going on a date a few weeks later.   On our first date we went hiking at Pickle Springs, then swimming, and later that night we watched a meteor shower.  Neither of us knew there was going to be a meteor shower, so it was a cool surprise!   This past summer, we took a vacation to Colorado and went sightseeing and hiking.  It was an amazing experience.I am currently attending college to pursue a career in either meteorology, ecology, or conservation.

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