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Hello there! I love your magazine! I love the photography, and the stories….Normally I would not want to ask to have a story about myself done, but I have been working really hard to become an artist. The art I LOVE to do the most is quilting.

Ok, when I first read this letter I was totally intrigued. I’ve seen quilts before and I’ve always been fascinated by the designs. Why, I’ve always wondered, is quilting considered a craft when it truly is an art form? When Anastasia identified herself as a struggling quilt artist, I had to check it out. Man was I in for a great surprise! Meet artist Anastsia Gonzales.

Anastasia’s artwork is influenced by her imagination, her surroundings, the memory of her mother, and the encouragement she receives from her husband and friends. Her patience grows day by day for the tedious work involved in quilt art. It is not just the finished product that attracts Anastasia to the art form; it’s the start-to-finish artistic journey.

Anastasia recalls the beauty of nature, people and events in her life through color and texture. She has a great respect for traditional quilting, but her true interest is in creating quilts that use more contemporary techniques and designs. When asked why she does it, Anastasia simply replies, “I have to do it.”

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