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With spring comes rain. Personally, I love the rain and rainy days. Without the rain, we would live in an ugly, dry desert. Here in the 573, we get the perfect amount of rain and sun, just enough to not take things for granted. Good friends are kind of like that too; and just like the rain, they are there to make things better. A good friend is a rainy day friend.

Rainy day friends are people who would risk everything, including personal discomfort, to ensure that you are okay. That’s a bit of a hard concept to take hold of, but all the same it is true. Rainy day friends are the ones who listen to us when life is difficult and remain faithful in friendship and relationships when the rest of the world turns its back. When something goes wrong and all the rats start jumping ship, you find out real quickly who your true friends, your rainy day friends, really are. I have been blessed with a few rainy day friends that have stuck with me through thick and thin. I only hope I get the chance to return the favour to them all.

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