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Shaving with a straight razor has been around for centuries, but only in the last few years has there been a revived interest in the straight razor shave. In the past, most men could not afford to get a straight razor shave. It was seen as a luxury mostly reserved for special occasions or for the wealthy. In fact, razors made of jewel encrusted gold were one of the many items found in the tombs of Egyptian royalty. Today, shaving with a straight razor is looked upon as a cool manly thing to do. Maybe the straight razor revival is just our need for a connection with the past?

Like most things old, there’s a modernized version. Electric shavers and disposable multi-blade razors can give you a good shave, but, unlike a straight razor, they tend to take more than whisker. A straight razor cuts hair without tugging or pulling at the skin; and, unlike a disposable blades, there’s no need to go over the same spot twice ending in razor burn.

Using a straight razor is a better value, too. The price of a straight razor kit is a small investment, but it can last you a lifetime. The blade can be re-sharpened and reused pretty much forever. There’s no packaging either. All you have to do is buy the biodegradable shaving cream. You’ll do your part for the environment when you don’t have to regularly throw out disposable razors and their packaging. One blade a day might not seem like much, but when you add up the millions thrown away every day, add to that the cardboard and plastic packaging, and it’s actually quite significant. Do the math—If 20 million American shavers go through a five-pack of disposable blades every month…each package weighs about two ounces…multiply it out and you get… well over 10 THOUSAND TONS of waste each year!

Now, look at a straight razor that can last a lifetime, plus you get a closer shave, plus you have to shave less often, and you get no razor burn or skin irritations. Have we over engineered something that wasn’t broken?

We recently found a couple of women with a feel for the nostalgic razor shave. Their new barber shop in Bonne Terre, Blush Hairdressing and Barbering, offers straight razor shaves and a very old-time experience. We decided to find a guy and put it to the test.

The owners, Brooke Strebeck and Melissa Murphy, are licensed cosmetologists and barbers. They offer a range of services, including haircuts, hair color, pedicures, manicures and the newly added art of the hot shave.

When you walk into Blush you can’t help but feel the nostalgia. It is complete with vintage furniture, beaded chandeliers and a handsome barber chair. The original bricks from the old chimney stack were taken down and now surround the new fireplace. They wanted to pair up the vintage feel with modern design for a classy collaboration and it works.

The space where Blush is built was mostly known for many years as Cannons Barber Shop. You can’t help but feel the hopes, dreams and careers that found a home there. Every piece of furniture in Blush has history. It has been handpicked, thrift stored, and/or refinished.

Nick Gollaher, our model:

I’m a 28-year-old father originally from California. I have two loves in my life. The first and most important is my four-year-old daughter and the other is art. I also love to explore and experience new things. There is such a beautiful and colorful world, and there’s so much that I have yet to see. I try to explore my inner thoughts and express it through my paintings. A lot of my watercolor paintings come out odd and unusual. I feel they are unique, and I enjoy seeing how they turn out. I’ve only been using watercolor for about a year, and I’m still learning and growing in my paintings.

I’ve always loved the early 1900’s…everything from the cars down to every little style detail. I try to base my style off of that time era. Women wore dresses and men wore suits, bow ties and dress shoes. I absolutely love every bit of that.

I’m not sure what the future holds. I don’t know where the modeling will lead but, I’ve sure had fun with it. I’m anxious to find out. I’ve always wanted to tattoo and put my art to good use. With hard work, I think that will be possible.



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