Recently, I heard a radio interview of a female country music star. Okay, I admit county music isn’t my baby, but the interview was interesting. She talked about how she was bullied as a teen and because of the bullying she spent most of her time alone singing and writing songs. While listening to the sad, sad story this young millionaire was telling, I couldn’t help think that if it were not for the bullying she would have never spent all that time alone singing and writing. I wondered, if she had been a popular girl would she have put in the 10,000 hours honing her skill and art?My name is Lizzy. My first guitar was a Christmas present from my mom, and she has always been my biggest supporter (and #1 fan!). She’s a single parent, and I’m an only child so we’ve been pretty close over the years. I owe her many thanks for taking me to lessons, practices, and even being my roadie at times!Music has always played a huge role in my life. I’ve had a guitar in my hand ever since I can remember, and it’s hard to imagine myself doing anything else. When I was starting to learn guitar, I was fairly shy about playing in front of people, and I don’t think I imagined myself where I am today, as I look forward to playing in front of a crowd. I also didn’t imagine myself as a music major, but it’s funny how that works!I’ve been accepted into the music program at Saint Louis University for classical guitar, and with the culmination of music theory, piano, guitar lessons, and guitar ensemble I feel like I’m always challenging myself. The program has been a great experience so far, and I’ve enjoyed connecting with students and professors constantly push me to practice and learn.

573: Tell us about the band and your recent tour.

I’m currently in a four-piece, all girl, indie rock band called Violet and the Undercurrents. We travel throughout Missouri most weekends playing shows, and we just got home from a tour with David Wax Museum. It was my first experience touring, and I was able to explore cities and venues I had never been to before. We traveled through Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, and Tennessee. We recently released a three-song EP, called “The Nashville Sessions”, and we’re finishing up a full length album that will be released in spring of 2017. Our EP, as titled, was recorded in Nashville at The Tracking Room, and our full length album is being recorded at Mansion Studios in Columbia, MO. Recording music definitely requires a different approach than a live performance. One of my favorite things about recording is getting to layer guitar tracks and sounds, and really build a song into a production. During a live show, the possibilities are more limited, as you can only use a certain amount of amps and effects. However, in a studio you can add an infinite amount of instruments and tracks. I’m happy with the way our album is sounding, and I’m eager to share it with our fans!

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