story 1zzzzstory 1astory 1story 1 ccIt’s a long way from Asia to Farmington, but Joon and Amy Kim have made the journey and opened Shogun restaurant offering a truly unique dining experience. You won’t just eat a fabulous meal at Shogun, you’ll watch your food being prepared by talented sushi and hibachi chefs that cook and entertain at the same time. It’s a dinning experience even for lunch.Working in a Japanese restaurant is not new to Joon as he honed his skills in Korea. Following an economic downturn in 1998, he, along with his wife and two daughters, set off for the United States and the opportunities it offered. Their journey took them to Georgia, Kentucky, and finally to Farmington. Shogun Japanese Steak and Sushi opened in December of last year.Joon’s skills and eye for artistry are evident at the sushi bar where he prepares dishes that are both delicious and beautiful to look at – almost too pretty to eat. But the restaurant offers more than just a sushi bar. The dining rooms have multiple hibachi grills manned by chefs using their cooking skills and showmanship to delight the guests.The action never stops at the hibachi grill. You’ll hear the sizzle of oil on the hot grill and the rhythmic, musical sound of utensils. You’ll see eggs being juggled, then precisely split as they land on the edge of a knife. Onion rings were deftly assembled into a “volcano” that spewed both smoke and “lava,” and flames rose from the grill to grab attention. All the while, the chef interacted with diners to make them a part of the show—even at lunch for only $8.95.Shogun also offers a one of a kind birthday party. The front wall of the restaurant is filled with photos of diners celebrating their birthday – Japanese style. Women are dressed in a kimono and hat; men get to dress as samurai. Then they are treated to music on a Japanese drum, Japanese songs, and ice cream. The photos prove that all ages will enjoy a Japanese birthday celebration.Shogun is located on 729 Sunset Drive in Farmington. It is open daily for lunch and dinner and take-out is available. Visit for more information.


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