Snow Dazed

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Farmington Missouri -“We’ve been lucky this year with the snow,” says the publisher, “so get out there. Do a snow shoot. Round up some clothes, some jewelry and a model. Get someone with a good attitude who’s not afraid to get cold. Make it beautiful. And we need it tomorrow at the latest.” Hmmm. That sounds easy enough, right?I’m a firm believer in the fact that if you want something done, you ask a busy person first. We recently met a young lady who is very busy and very talented. She is so talented, in fact, we decided to let her be our model and author of the article, too. Meet 16-year-old Hannah Oliver, editor of her high school yearbook, treasurer of her class, associate captain of the dance team, member of National Honor Society and Student Council, ballet dancer, and part-time restaurant employee. One can only imagine what her life will be like 10 years from now!READ FULL STORY

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