Some That Do, Teach

We’ve all heard the old expression, “Those who can’t, teach.” There are also people who have figured out how to be a success at what they do and still take the time to teach others. Jim Wilson is that guy. He teaches art to others and he is still teaching himself to become a successful artist both creatively and professionally. Jim Wilson is an artist who has experienced the best of life and understands what is important in our short time we get to spend on this planet. Jim surrounds himself with people who are rich in knowledge, talent and have a general love for life. He’s had the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world, and for a short time got to call some of them home. Jim even met his wife in Mexico while he was living there when one summer night changed his life. They have two great kids that cause a lot of active thinking and who have followed in their dad’s footsteps into creative fields.Jim moved his family to Missouri to educate his children in a first world nation and to teach them English, ending up at Mineral Area College near Farmington. Behind those brush-wielding, paint-stained hands is a man who puts his artwork and family above all else. He paints every day and teaches classes year round. After all, what could be better than striving toward your passion and living your dream? And this year Jim is our featured artist at the 573 Chalk Festival being held in Perryville this Aug 19th. Jim and some of his students will show off their stuff on the streets of the town square in front of 15 West Restaurant. Jim will also have his paintings on display inside 15 West. I can’t wait. I can’t wait. I can’t wait!

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