Spring makes me feel so optimistic.  Everything’s better.  Business seems better…people seem nicer…the birds are singing…flowers are blooming! I’m much more energized and full of big dreams.  I am getting more exercise and I’m feeling better across the board. Something about the effect all this sun has on our brain chemistry makes everything seem colorful and new.  Aww, the smells, the colors! Grasses, puppies, flowers, foals, birds in nests… life is replenished and the new take their place in our world.Along with spring also comes new opportunities…so much to look forward to. No more being cooped up inside. The weather is getting better; the days are getting longer, and summer is just around the corner.  I can’t wait!  Festivals, hiking, eating outdoors, the Fourth of July, vacations!!!And soon the shops will be filled with spring fashions: shorts, skirts and sundresses—the latest trends, newest colors and hip styles. We decided we needed to capture some of this spring fever so we grabbed a few cameras, a few models and some dresses from Philanthropy.  We threw in some well-planned props, The OLD CLOCK, and my favorite, a reconditioned vintage Polaroid camera.  I just happen to have some of the last Polaroid Type 64 on the planet.  I could sell it on Ebay or have a great time with it.  Yup—went for the good time.  In the 1960’s almost half of all households had a Polaroid camera.  At the time, the Polaroid Land Camera was state of the art.  The idea that you could snap a pic and then see it fully developed and ready to frame in just 60 seconds was quite a trip for the hippy era photographer.  In the old days, in a time that is all but forgotten, (before digital cameras) professional photographers used Polaroids to check their exposure and lighting before taking more costly snaps.My name is Kylie Mitchell. I’m married to a great guy named Josh. Our faith is what makes our marriage and the rest of our lives work. We always hear, “You’re too young to be married,” but we are proving everyone with that opinion wrong. We’re not saying marriage isn’t hard. Being young and in love is probably one of the most difficult things for our generation.   It’s really tough being in college because our school and work schedules hardly ever coincide. That’s not to mention the financial struggles we have while living on a college student’s income. However, we try not to wish ourselves out of where we are because we know that this time is making us a stronger couple, ready to face hard times if they come again. 1We’re a funny couple because we didn’t start with a whole lot of shared interests. Josh loves to spend time at the gym, reads for fun, and would love to be in school for the rest of his life (hint: he’s going to be an English teacher). I, on the other hand, would much rather listen to music than read and prefer crafting to school. Since being married, we have learned to enjoy each other’s activities together. I occasionally make the sacrifice of waking up early to go to the gym with Josh, although I never work out as hard as he does. In return, Josh and I have found our common ground when it comes to musical preference and will jam out in the car together when we make a long drive. For us, it doesn’t really matter what activity we’re doing, as long as we’re together. We love to be outside, especially out in the wide open air enjoying the beautiful scenery of Southeast Missouri. The other day, we took a drive around the back roads of Cape just to enjoy the warm weather and gentle breeze. We can’t wait to have a weekend to camp, fish, canoe, and whatever else we can do outside. This experience was so much fun for us! Going into today, Josh didn’t know how much he would like it, but he was “doing it for me” since he knew I would have a blast. He ended up loving it just as much as I did. The Polaroids were Josh’s favorite part. They don’t make cameras like they used to, and it’s so much fun to snap a shot and have the picture develop right in front if you within a few minutes. I thought the idea of pictures of him taking pictures of me was really adorable, and I loved how comfortable it made me having Josh right there. I’m not in front of the camera very often, but it was so fun! Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity!I want to thank Philanthropy. Bridgett and Megan styled me for an hour and a half. They were so awesome! They let me try on like half the store to make sure I was in something that was “me.” I had never been in their store before, but I’m definitely going back! They have amazing clothes and jewelry, AND they give a portion of their profits to charity. There’s nothing NOT to love about Philanthropy.2

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