It’s a warm and sunny day. You’re walking around the waterfront in Cape, and suddenly the sweet, smell of vanilla drifts in on a light breeze. It’s the Sugar Chics Creamery.Upon entering the shop, you hear the laughter of children and ice cream eating music. Being lactose intolerant, the first thing I noticed was a massive selection of dairy-free ice cream. Skeptical from being tricked before, I asked for a sample of the black cherry. It. Was. DELICIOUS! It tasted just like really thick and creamy ice cream. I could hardly believe it!They make their own waffle cones right there and then dipped them in chocolate. I didn’t just want an ice cream cone at this point…I desperately needed one of those cones. Only one problem, the cones are enormous. I suppose the thought was written right across my face because suddenly one of the lovely owners approached me and said, “You know, we have those in smidge too.” Smidge? What’s smidge? That’s when she showed me this perfect treat-not-meal size, waffle cone…also tipped with the chocolate! Then she said the most magical thing I think I ever heard, “Or… if you’re looking for something different, we can make you an ice cream sandwich out of cookies or a donut.” I think a tear actually came to my eye for a moment because everything got a little blurry for a second. It took a minute, but I eventually snapped out of it and very sensibly went with my first instinct, the smidge cone.Sugar Chic Creamery is owned by a fantastic sister team! Kim Clark and Jessica Rhodes, along with their devoted and very supportive husbands, Jason Clark and Darrin Rhodes, rolled up their sleeves and got to work in May of 2017. The doors opened on this fantastic shop in downtown Cape Girardeau October 14th of last year and business has been booming since. Already they have expanded to doing parties in their spacious loft and have even started taking their treats to events, small-town squares and favorite hangout hot spots in the surrounding areas via the Sugar Chic Mobile. On top of kicking major butt with this ever-growing business Sugar Chic is also making quite the name for itself in the local charity circles. They give back to their community in multiple ways including hosting fundraisers, donating to local causes, and sponsoring/supporting the local arts.With a pervasive background in Marketing, Human Resources and Finance Management Kim, who is also the owner of Crystal Cleaning Concepts, has been on the local business scene for several years now and seems to have unlocked the secret of success. Somehow, even with spending the majority of her present life on or at Sugar Chic, she manages to not only run, but personally labor on her overnight cleaning service for local businesses and still finds time to be a wonderful wife and mother to her very involved and supportive family. Jessica is also quite impressive herself. Being a fulltime nurse in a neonatal intensive care unit while both are helping to grow her business and her family all at once, it was amazing she could still have the energy to goof off and have fun with her sister! I had to ask them, “Do you ever sleep?!” They grinned brightly, “Sometimes!”

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