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You all know we are big fans of our state parks and all the incredible trails that wind through Missouri. It’s no secret, unless you live under a rock that the 573 is loaded with the good stuff that makes Missouri the hands down BEST TRAILS STATE. I didn’t make that up: it’s true. Missouri is home to many state and federal agencies that maintain trails, including the National Park Service; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; U.S. Forest Service, which manages 700 miles of trail through Mark Twain National Forest; and the Missouri Department of Conservation, which manages 600 miles of trail in over 800,000 acres of conservation areas. A multi-agency effort, led by Missouri State Parks and the Ozark Trail Association, manages the 240-mile Ozark Trail that crosses some of Missouri’s most dramatic landscapes. Recently, in April 2013, Missouri won the prestigious American BEST TRAILS AWARD. The 21st National Trails Awards Program honored people and programs at the 21st American Trails International Trails Symposium held at Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation, Arizona. Through current and future partnerships at the federal, state and local levels, Missouri continues to build on its statewide trail network and improve its trail system.It is passion and initiatives by people who really care that improve our Missouri trails. Programs like the Governor’s 100 Missouri Miles Challenge not only help the trails but also just help Missourians stay fit and healthy. We recently met up with Governor Jay Nixon and First Lady Georganne Nixon for an exclusive interview on the state of our trails.READ FULL STORY

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