How to Guest Contribute to 573 Magazine

We are looking for contributors who have have a passion for small business, food, outdoors, music, new technologies or humor.  We look for well-researched, smartly written articles which provoke, inform, and entertain. A strong point of view and a high-energy narrative style is a must.

Prospective 573 Magazine contributors should familiarize themselves with our magazine before submitting articles.  We prioritize specific, actionable advice that the average person and small business owners can utilize to improve their lives and companies.

Submission Standards

Please submit original content only.  573 Magazine requires first publication rights and the right to reuse or modify content.

Your Story Idea

Have a question, a comment, or suggestion? We welcome your comments, suggestions or criticisms. Without honest feedback we can't grow. How about a story idea? We always want to hear your ideas. Let us know what you'd like to see in a future issue. Send to:

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