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You know that we at the 573 Magazine are always interested in helping people pursue their passions, and we love to help the arts in any way we can.  That is why we are hosting the Incubate Your Passion series designed to support local visual artists who are off-the-grid doing their own thing—and their own thing is good. The venue, inside the incubation/co-working facility of Workspace located in downtown Farmington, showcases a new, talented artist who is trying to launch his or her career.  Painters, photographers, sculptors…all have a new muse on their side: the 573 Magazine.  So let’s meet our second artist in the series.2My name is Zach Carrow. I grew up in Farmington and spent all my years in school there. My dad’s name is Mike. He works as a florist. My mom’s name is Pam, and she works as an employment office as a social worker. Right now I’m finishing up at Mineral Area College on an art scholarship, painting under Jim Wilson. His students start out with charcoal and pencil drawing, ink wash drawing and eventually move to a color theory course with gouache and acrylic paint and oil pastels.  I always felt like I was able to draw and am focusing on on refining this talent.But in paint there is color and that is why I prefer to paint.  I began painting still life last July and have built a small portfolio.  I’ve received a scholarship at the Kansas City Art Institute, but there is still a lot of time to paint between now and the fall.  I think KCAI is going to be a good place for me to learn and to grow because I ultimately want to progress toward making a profit off of my work. Making art that people like so much that they will pay to own it, that’s I want!  I also know it takes hours of practice, learning and relearning to be great at things.1I am a student working toward not being a student, but an accomplished artist. I remember first wanting to be an artist in grade school when I started hearing the master painters’ names and seeing their works in art class. I cannot consider myself an artist until I have made my art my career.So far, I have only painted still life but look forward to all kinds of subjects. I have a good time when I paint, and that is what I love about it. I plan to paint the best that I can paint and hope to be a successful artist.We will be holding an opening for Zach Carrow on Wednesday evening, April 29. Zach will have several original works on display.  Come out and support the arts.  Sip some wine, nibble on snacks and greet the artist.  Open and free to all.3WorkSpace invites you to the show ZACH CARROW -painter Reception – Wednesday, April 29, 2015 5:30 to 8pm Complimentary Wine & Cheese 212 West Columbia Street Suite B Farmington, Missouri 63640

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